As a child, I was insanely devoted to PBS, vintage movies, classic novels, and day-dreaming. Many years later, not a whole lot has changed. 

My most rewarding career has been as a theater specialist for youth. Crafting plays that make the past cool in the eyes of kids has been my greatest joy. I've led over 500 history and art related programs for youth and their families. At the pinnacle of my theater work, I adapted and staged a full scale, outdoor production of 'A Christmas Carol' in a historic downtown setting. Mother Nature added her own special effects by producing wind and snow precisely on cue. 

I've turned my focus from plays to novels, and am fortunate to have an agent who believes in me.  My current story out on submissions is entitled Artist of the Beautiful. With monsters and misfits, dreams and delusions, Artist of the Beautiful is a love story for Halloween.

I've got a mind vault of  stories begging to be brought to light. Meanwhile, this is my special place to share thoughts and dreams about writing.